Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cebu To Manila Schedules

2go Travel

Cebu to Manila - Tuesday at 10am; Thursday at 9am; Friday at 9pm; Saturday at 9am - 2go Passenger Terminal
Manila to Cebu - Monday at 7:30pm;  Tuesday at 11:59pm; Wednesday at 8pm; Sunday at 9am

Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation (previously Sulpicio Lines)

Cebu to Manila - Wednesday at 8pm; Sunday at 9am
Manila to Cebu - Tuesday at 9pm; Friday at 9am

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cebu to Iloilo Ship Schedule

CEBU TO ILOILO & vice versa

M/V Asia Philippines of Trans Asia Shipping: Ceb-Iloilo MWF 6PM at Cebu Port Authority Pier 4
                                                                             Iloilo-Ceb every TTHS 6pm at Iloilo Port

Filipinas Cebu of Cokaliong Shipping:  Ceb-Iloilo every TTHS 7PM at Cebu Port Authority Pier 1
                                                                Iloilo-Ceb every MWF 7PM at Iloilo Port

Visiting Iloilo?  Visit my friend's Enchanting Philippines Blog to know more about the city through this link:  Iloilo, The City of Love.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daily Cebu To Ormoc Ferry and Fast Craft

Weesam Express(fastcraft)
Cebu pier 4 to Ormoc @ 5:45AM / 10:45AM / 4:30PM

2Go Fastcraft
Cebu pier 4 to Ormoc @ 5:45AM / 11AM / 4:40PM

Roble Shipping
Cebu pier 3 to Ormoc @10PM

Lite Shipping
Cebu pier 1 to Ormoc @11AM

Cokaliong Shipping
Cebu to Palompon @
Monday:  8PM
Thursday: 8PM
Sunday:  12NN

V-hire Palompon to Ormoc

2Go Travel
Cebu to Ormoc @
Monday: 8AM
Friday: 11:59AM
Sat: 8AM

Super Shuttle Ferry
Cebu To Ormoc MWF @ 9PM

Going to Ormoc is never a problem since there are daily trips from Cebu and you have a wide range of shipping provider.  To know more about Ormoc City, you can visit Enchanting Philippines blog through this link:  Ormoc City Travel Guide